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UK HR Report Challenges Algorithm Decisions

Researchers worry that AI bosses, as illustrated in [...]

AI-Driven Program Tracks Car Crashes in Real Time

This Nexar video is found through the link [...]

AI Powered Backpack Holds New Promise for Sight Impaired

Intel Eyes the Future with Backpack to Assist Blind, [...]

Doctors Learn from Virtual Patients, Nurses Benefit from AI Predictive Tool

With Virti, Doctors Get Virtual Patient that Minimizes COVID [...]

Spotting Racial Bias in Predictive Programming

Racial imbalance has been built into algorithms. [...]

Google Suppresses Damaging Internal Research

Google employees raise the alarm over policy changes [...]

Movie Shows AI Bewildered by Humans

Screen shot from "Superintelligence" movie trailer. (Source: YouTube) [...]

DeepMind’s Protein Folding Advance to Change Medicine

The AlphaFold team runs a simulation of protein [...]