Product Release Events

AI-Driven Cameras Help Police Nab Criminals

The Flock Safety Falcon camera is helping to [...]

Meta to Release Project Cambria to Upgrade Hardware

The new Meta Quest Pro will be stacked [...]

Company Aims to Microchip/Blockchain Nearly Anything

Signs of Blending Realities in the Metaverse of Things [...]

NATO to Use Anti-Missile Weapons Designed by AI

A NASA "scramjet" hypersonic missile. (Source: DARPA) [...]

Multiple Data Clean-up Companies Find Success

RingLead is one of many cleaning programs available [...]

Study Uses Deep Learning to Find Risks of Heart Scarring

A first-of-its-kind algorithm, uses raw MRI images to [...]

Nvidia Superchip to Speed Up Data Mining, Processing

Nvidia's new Grace CPU Superchip helps power AI [...]

Intuition Robotics Scores with ElliQ Elderly Assistant

ElliQ, a desktop assistant which converses in real-time [...]

Nvidia’s Omniverse Replicator Uses Synthetic Data in ML

Nvidia's Omniverse 3D platform (as represented by this [...]