Product Release Events

ThetaRay Releases Breakthrough AI Software for Fintech

ThetaRay wins the “Transaction Security Innovation Award” in [...]

Lost Tapes of the 27 Club: AI Adds Nirvana

AI analyzes the songs of bands like Nirvana [...]

AI-Driven Program Tracks Car Crashes in Real Time

This Nexar video is found through the link [...]

AI Powered Backpack Holds New Promise for Sight Impaired

Intel Eyes the Future with Backpack to Assist Blind, [...]

Start-Up Shelf Engine Profits with AI Grocery Ordering

Shelf Engine raised over $58 million to serve [...]

New FB Bracelet Claims Mind-Moving Advancement

Facebook creates a "mindreading" technology that can tell [...]

AI + Robotic Suit Advances Walking for Disabled

The EksoNR suit helps a former soccer player [...]

Wireless AI Delivering Elder Care with IoMT

The Apple Watch Series 4 can already do [...]

New AI Robots Spy, Assist Doctors & Pick Fruit

These Israeli AI drones by Tevel Aeribotics Technologies, [...]

Koda Puts AI Empathy into Robodog

Unlike other robot dogs on the market, the [...]