Product Release Events

Tech Heavyweights Partner with Hyundai’s IONIQ

Hyundai's Ioniq Car Combines Electric, Self-driving Tech with More [...]

Product Launches that Didn’t Survive 2020

2020 only needed 6 months to ruin Quibi. [...]

AI Invents Lower Cost, Better Prosthetic Hand

Army captain Carey Duval practices with new prosthetic [...]

Fable Studios Creates AI-Based ‘Virtual Beings’

Fable Studios introduces 'virtual beings' Charlie and Bret. [...]

How AI Could Protect Elections from Disinformation

Disinformation campaigns could potentially throw elections into chaos, [...]

Researchers Create Sarcasm Detection Algorithm

The character Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey, [...]

Taking AI into the Loo for Diagnoses

Take a seat, your exam is underway. [...]