Product Release Events

Nvidia AI-Assisted Art Software Gets Top Review

A drawing with squiggles along with some written [...]

CEO Innovator Brings AI Warehousing to Walmart

Rick Cohen grows Symbotic into Walmart's orbit. [...]

AI Bots Caring for Japanese with Therapy

Sony has reintroduced its Aibo robotic dog. [...]

Analysts Expect Banner Year for Gaming Devices in 2022

Panic Playdate, a handheld gaming device set to [...]

Meta VR Sales Set Records for Holiday Season

Occulus sales show a promising future for VR [...]

Flowrite Gains Millions for Automated Emails

Co-Founders of Flowrite, Karolus Sariola and Aaro Isosaari [...]

Apple Inc. Plans EV In Highly Competitive Market

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he is excited [...]

Prisons Employ AI to Listen to Inmate Phone Calls

Prison Companies Cross the Line Between Surveillance and Invasion [...]

Nvidia Upgrades Voice-Over App with AudioFace2

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an easily extensible, open platform [...]