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Bridging the Training Gap with VR

The medical community is using the virtual classroom [...]

AI with ‘Imagination’ Outperforms Doctors

Dr. Ali Parsa, a British-Iranian healthcare entrepreneur and [...]

AI Assists from Drafting Resumes to Landing Dream Jobs

AI helps job hunters avoid lines and find [...]

Study: Teaching AI to Answer Multi-Part Questions Is Hard

Conversational AI takes more than pat answers to [...]

AI Vertical Markets Appear COVID-19 Proof

When you don't have time to read, there's [...]

AR/VR to Gain Lighter Improvements

Leaked Peek of Oculus Quest 2. Oculus [...]

MIT, UC Berkeley Pair on COVID-19 AI Review

Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 (RR:C19) is an open-access, rapid-review [...]

Nanopore to Release Portable Testing Module for Virus

New advance could be the Future of COVID [...]

Nanobots Deliver Drugs Internally

A moving robot caterpillar from China. Soft [...]

AI Analysis of Selfies for Personality More Accurate

AI beats humans at assessing personality traits. [...]