University Initiatives & Consortiums

Expert: Doctors Will Need to Use Generative AI

Doctors Could Save Time by Using Generative AI in [...]

Gaming AI Morphs into Surgical Training Algorithm

A medical student trains for surgery on an [...]

X-AR Scores 95% Accuracy in ‘X-Ray’ Vision

"There are many technical contributions, but it is [...]

Oxford Scientists Warn of Threat in Controlling AI

AI is being used by the military and [...]

AI Updates Wetlands Data, Creates Accurate Maps

Keeping the environment healthy is the goal of [...]

School District Sues Media for Mental Health Drop

Seattle public schools filed a lawsuit in U.S. [...]

MIT’s Top 10 Breakout Technologies for 2022

CRISPR gene-editing to lower cholesterol and to make pig [...]

New App Detects ChatGPT Creations

From GPTZero: 'We randomly selected a model-written message, [...]

Australian Program Aids Handicapped Caregiving

Example of AI technology in an assisted care [...]

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