University Initiatives & Consortiums

Researchers to Alter Plant Genes in Effort to Cut Carbon

A genertics research group is exploring using CRISPR [...]

Researchers: AI Gives High Accuracy in Analyzing Crohn’s Disease

A new study finds that an AI model [...]

Senator Calls for Oversight of Child Welfare Algorithms

Sen. Wyden of Oregon says he has long [...]

Robotic Rats to Help Find, Rescue People in Crisis

SquRo is ready to go to work, Chinese [...]

Scientists Warn of Dangers of Molecular Weapons

An algorithm created 40,000 toxic compounds overnight, researchers [...]

Researchers Claim AI Robot Can Taste Food It Cooks

The robot assessed nine variations of scrambled eggs [...]

Study: Adding Human Senses to AI Shows Results

The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) Studies is [...]

Study Explores Impact of AI ‘Colonization’

MIT Technology Review is looking into the 'colonialization' [...]

Study Uses Deep Learning to Find Risks of Heart Scarring

A first-of-its-kind algorithm, uses raw MRI images to [...]