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Study Finds Glitches in AI Neural ML Translation Programs

Neural Translation Machines can be easily fooled. [...]

AI Is Designing Chips in Hours, Not Months

Using AI to build AI chips is far [...]

Introducing the WomBot from Australia

Researchers Design Robots to Study Wombat Health in Tasmania [...]

Countries Invest in AI Tech to Compete with U.S. Advances

France, South Korea, and China are all pursuing [...]

Using AI to Communicate with Animals Shows Exciting Prospects

AI might enable researchers to communicate with pets [...]

AI Improves Drug Applications, Baby Monitoring

Pooh's heartbeat seems a bit odd, giving the [...]

Research Paper Shows Progress in Using Exosuit

Photos of the extensible exosuit prototype in disengaged [...]

European AI Solution to Reduce Massive Food Waste

AI is using supply chain data to help [...]

Machine Learning to Give Studies a Healthy Jolt

New York Times Magazine asks AI: Is coffee [...]

AI + Robotic Suit Advances Walking for Disabled

The EksoNR suit helps a former soccer player [...]