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Spotify Acquires Sonontic After ‘Top Gun’ Film Project

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AI-Driven Cameras Help Police Nab Criminals

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How SpaceX Makes the Most of NASA Contracts

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Nvidia’s Omniverse Replicator Uses Synthetic Data in ML

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Study Says Children Lack AI Education

Decision-makers and tech innovators must prioritize children's rights [...]

Meta’s AI Research SuperCluster to Power Metaverse

Meta's AI research supercomputer will be unveiled in [...]

AI and Classic Art: Historic Match Made with Algorithms

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Analysts Expect Banner Year for Gaming Devices in 2022

Panic Playdate, a handheld gaming device set to [...]

FaceBook’s Rebranding Video Earns Boos

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Author Calls Data Regulation Critical on 60 Minutes

Professor Yuval Harari, author of 'Sapiens,' warns that [...]