This deepfake of comedian Alec Baldwin, morphed into former President Trump, shows how real the images are. (Source: TikTok)

TikTok Deepfakes Rile Up Kardashian Family, Other Celebrities with Realistic Videos

It’s possible the Kardashian family isn’t as taken with the TikTok platform as they once were after a deepfake video depicted them without plastic surgery.

On September 17, the live streamers posted a clip from their show on TikTok, which showed them using AI software to predict what members of the Kardashian family would look like without cosmetic surgery.

“Lee told Insider he is extremely passionate about tech and artificial intelligence. He thinks that the latest developments in how AI is being used, from medical advancements to celebrity deepfakes — are ‘about to get really, really wild,’ and the group thought that talking about celebrities would be a way to get more viewers interested in AI.”

Keith Lee, a 35-year-old content creator from Sydney, Australia co-created an entertainment live stream called “vandahoodlive” on several social media platforms. It racked up 3.8 million views.

If you haven’t checked out the clip in the link above you should. It doesn’t make them look awful. It made them look human in many people’s opinion.

“We started playing with some concepts on the show. Simple things first, like seeing what celebrity babies would look like,” he said, adding, “then we came up with the idea of what would the Kardashians look like if they never went under the knife. Could we pull something like that off?”

Well, they pulled it off pretty well. and they say you can bet a lot more AI-assisted tomfoolery is already on the way to a platform near you.

Though Lee told Insider the team made the video purely for “entertainment purposes,” and did not intend to insult the Kardashians, he said a handful of commenters reacted to the video with “strong opinions and by wanting to absolutely tear them down.”

The question has to be raised whether this type of exposure is actually an invasion of medical privacy. The hashtag #plasticsurgery has more than 15 billion views on TikTok, and creators — some of whom are medical professionals — have cultivated large followings by commentating and speculating on cosmetic work involving celebrities, who are often publicly scrutinized for their appearances.

We included a clip from “vandahoodlive.” Enjoy.