Research Papers and Studies

Study Says Super-Intelligence Can’t Be Controlled

Skynet logo from the Terminator movie series. [...]

Algorithm Research Explains ‘Blackbox’ Thought Processes

A humanoid robot "reads" a book using algorithms. [...]

Researchers Train AI to Predict Robot Actions

To predict the motion of the robot 'actor,' [...]

Google Suppresses Damaging Internal Research

Google employees raise the alarm over policy changes [...]

AI Columnist Recommends Best Books of 2020

Best AI-Related Books Listed from Black Lives Mattering in [...]

Top 10 AI Papers Indicate Major Leaps Forward

Images used for research in creating 3D reconstructions. [...]

Research Shows Robot Advice Can Affect Human Responses

A study using a risk-taking game involving a [...]

DeepMind’s Protein Folding Advance to Change Medicine

The AlphaFold team runs a simulation of protein [...]