Research Papers and Studies

AI in Eye Care Field Improves Profits, Results

Strides in eye care have been made due [...]

SciFi Foods First to Use CRISPR for Lab-Made Meat

Kasia Gora, co-founder, and chief technology officer of [...]

Ectolife: Planning Artificial Womb Baby Factory

The EctoLife artificial womb concept promises to help [...]

Australian Program Aids Handicapped Caregiving

Example of AI technology in an assisted care [...]

Report Shows Growing Use of Algorithms to Run Cities

Washington D.C. and other cities are quietly using [...]

Alexa, Other AI to Digitally Animate Deceased

Korean company uses AI to create animations of [...]

New Chip Can Run Algorithms Easily

H.-S. Philip Wong (left), Weier Wan, and Gert [...]

AI Connects Faces of WW II with Survivors

Numbers to Names App Helps Holocaust Survivors Find Photographs [...]

U.S. Military to Use AI for Unmanned Fighter Jets

The U.S. Air Force is planning to use [...]