Research Papers and Studies

MIT, UC Berkeley Pair on COVID-19 AI Review

Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 (RR:C19) is an open-access, rapid-review [...]

Nanopore to Release Portable Testing Module for Virus

New advance could be the Future of COVID [...]

Nanobots Deliver Drugs Internally

A moving robot caterpillar from China. Soft [...]

AI Analysis of Selfies for Personality More Accurate

AI beats humans at assessing personality traits. [...]

Using AI to Predict Volcanic Activity

Anak Krakatau before its 2018 eruption. AI-Collected [...]

OpenAI Presents Neural Network Image Library

Millions of Neuron Visualizations Help Interpret Network Behavior OpenAI [...]

AI Systems Can Prevent Medical Mistakes

Using an AI system could lead to improved [...]

Andreessen Advocates New Way of American Life

Marc Andreessen, co-author of the first widely used [...]