Research Papers and Studies

AI Could Lead to Safer Childbirth

Nearly 300,000 women globally still perish during childbirth. [...]

Google to Fund NSF Initiative

National Science Foundations gets $5 million grant for [...]

High Tech Mental Health Catches On

Simple conversations with bots are making a difference [...]

Schools Open Nationwide with Help from AI

AI is helping HVAC systems to control airflow [...]

AI Roundup: Better Gesture IDs, Neuro Chips & Pest Spraying

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, show off [...]

Does AI Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves?

Power of AI to Analyze Personal Data Could Lead [...]

Study: Teaching AI to Answer Multi-Part Questions Is Hard

Conversational AI takes more than pat answers to [...]

AI Vertical Markets Appear COVID-19 Proof

When you don't have time to read, there's [...]