Denmark’s Autofuel system relies on a robotic arm to fill gas tanks. While it saves time, it requires a special gas cap and for the car owner to have registered it with the gas station. (Source: Autofuel)

Robotic Fuel-Pumping System Arrives  in Denmark, Expected to Expand into Europe

As flashy and colorful as all the EV advertisements are, we are still many years away from a totally gas-free transportation system in America. There are glimpses of our future travel abilities, such as the Waymo driverless taxis in Phoenix, Arizona. And we can include Amazon drone delivery on the list of things changing our current expectations for our travel future.

But in reality, we still pump gasoline and diesel by the billions of barrels. To get that gasoline into our vehicles, we still use the system we have always used. In most states we pull up to the pump, get out and pump our desired amount. In some states, an attendant must pump it for you, according to local statutes.

Denmark has developed a better idea according to an article we found at

As a solution to this, Denmark-based Autofuel is offering a robotic refueling system that cuts the need for drivers’ attention or direct involvement.

According to the firm, the refueling process has remained unchanged for the past 70 years. “In the same period the technology has developed faster than ever, and today we have fast internet, smartphones, AI assistants, and self-driving cars that will soon be present on the roads,” their website says.

Robotic refueling is a growing business and the European market alone is expected to grow to about $50 billion by 2028, according to British analysis firm Insight.

A Bit Inconvenient

You will have to buy a new gas cap and then register the type of vehicle you will be using at these unique stations.

A screen will display instructions for the driver to park the car in a designated spot for refueling. Once in place, the robotic arm will open the fuel cap and place the dispenser nozzle in the fuel tank. The customer will be kept in the loop regarding the refueling process and will see a message on the screen when the robot has completed the refueling. The driver can leave as soon as the green light is displayed after the robotic arm has closed the fuel door on the car. Meanwhile, the payment gets cleared amid the process.

I suppose we can get used to it eventually.

The system is also future-ready to deliver alternative fuels like electricity, hydrogen, CNG, and LNG. Since the system is added to an existing fuel dispenser, it is easier for the firm to cater to different energy requirements that may arise in the coming times. Moreover, a customer can always choose between automatic or manual refueling as it is an add-on.