Adobe Introduces Own GAI Imagery Generator

Adobe's Firefly is asked to create the letter [...]

Creating Deepfakes Becomes Budding Industry

An AI media company created a deepfake of [...]

Picsart Offers Latest in Text-to-Image App

Picsart brings Avatars to Life with new app. [...]

Lensa App Elicits Warnings of Image Sexualization

CNN's Zoe Sottile generated this image by submitting [...]

Viral Deepfake on TikTok Stirs Up Fans

This deepfake of comedian Alec Baldwin, morphed into [...]

EU Widens Gap with U.S. on Consumer Protections

The European Union is updating consumer protections regarding [...]

Bruce Willis Makes Deal to Be Living Digital Twin

Deep fake of Bruce Willis in a Russian [...]

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