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New Tech: Drones that Catch & Alexa in the Car

A still from an animation created by the [...]

Honeywell Seeks Major Slice of Unmanned Aerospace Pie

Honeywell Launches Unmanned Drone Software Business Sometime in the [...]

Players Can Make Every Shot with Backboard

AI backboard scores every time. Basketball Becomes [...]

All Bark, No Bite for Singapore’s Robodog

Spot The Dog Is Working All Over The [...]

EU Introduces ARMAR-6 Industrial Robot

The ARMAR-6 acts as a work assistant or [...]

Plasma Bot Boosts Search for Virus Antibody Donors

Those who have recovered from COVID-19 are expected [...]

Snowden Says Virus Policies Invade Privacy

Warns against Surrendering Privacy to Fight Covid-19 Since the [...]

The Doctor Will See You Now, Digitally

Streaming medicine makes it easier to get healthcare [...]