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Fable Studios Creates AI-Based ‘Virtual Beings’

Fable Studios introduces 'virtual beings' Charlie and Bret. [...]

Movie Shows AI Bewildered by Humans

Screen shot from "Superintelligence" movie trailer. (Source: YouTube) [...]

DeepMind’s Protein Folding Advance to Change Medicine

The AlphaFold team runs a simulation of protein [...]

Adobe ‘Sneaks’ Show Extraordinary Graphic Possibilities

The lobby of Adobe headquarters in San Jose, [...]

AI Round-Up: Beer, Fires, Grocers & Voter Activism AI-Generated Parkland Victim Speaks on Voting in Video [...]

New Tech: Drones that Catch & Alexa in the Car

A still from an animation created by the [...]

Honeywell Seeks Major Slice of Unmanned Aerospace Pie

Honeywell Launches Unmanned Drone Software Business Sometime in the [...]