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Med Pros Press for Meta Misinformation Review

Some medical researchers think Covid-19 health challenges are [...]

ACLU Wins Privacy Suit against Clearview AI

  Clearview AI Settles ACLU Lawsuit on Invasion of [...]

Siblings’ AI Research Company Gains $580M in Investments

Dario Amodei, CEO, and his sister Daniela, President, [...]

OpenAI Teases Art World with Upgraded DALL-E 2

'A sea otter in the style of Girl [...]

Pulitzer Center Offers Grants for AI Journalism

The Pulitzer Center's AI Accountability Network will give [...]

Study Says Children Lack AI Education

Decision-makers and tech innovators must prioritize children's rights [...]

Survey Finds Americans Divided, Excited over AI

A national poll commissioned by the Stevens Institute [...]

Prisons Employ AI to Listen to Inmate Phone Calls

Prison Companies Cross the Line Between Surveillance and Invasion [...]

AJL Lauds Teens Fighting Facial Recognition

CNN interviewed Sneha Revanur, a high-school senior in [...]

Gates Foundation Invests in Drug Designing AI

Bill and Melinda Gates appear in the field [...]