Democrats Push for Federal Oversight of Invasive Tech

Facial recognition is one of the most widespread [...]

Creating Deepfakes Becomes Budding Industry

An AI media company created a deepfake of [...]

Viral Deepfake on TikTok Stirs Up Fans

This deepfake of comedian Alec Baldwin, morphed into [...]

NYT Explores Golden Decade of AI Advancements

This image was generated by OpenAI’s app DALL-E [...]

Dall-E, Imagen Still Too Risky for Public Access

This image of "royal" raccoons was created by [...]

Free-Use Facial Recognition Algorithm IDs WW ll Faces

Musician Geddy Lee with his mother, an Auschwitz [...]

ACLU Wins Privacy Suit against Clearview AI

  Clearview AI Settles ACLU Lawsuit on Invasion of [...]

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