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With a growing library of more than 220 AI applications, trained neural nets, embedded systems and a general purpose AI learning agents, Seeflection participates in projects that range from machine learning-assisted information acquisition and data management to R&D, planning and collaboration with companies across several scientific areas computer areas including AI, Blockchain and nascent Quantum-AI applications.

We are continually developing new alliances that currently include a select group of Silicon Valley companies, and a growing set of forward thinking educational and research institutions. By combining our skills and resources with top AI, educational and research groups, we are able to more efficiently address social, educational and commercial challenges.

Through these efforts, we have been creating a growing library of flexible deep learning and related machine learning architectures and rapid design approaches, which build on some of the wonderful tools and technologies conceived by Google, Stanford University and others.

By leveraging these and skills and resources, Seeflection has been evolving processing-friendly automated machine learning development agents, which we use to reduce the time and complexity of developing and training our AI solutions.

Media & AI

  • Top Video, Photography & Recording Studio in Arizona – We have combined the best available equipment and studio infrastructure, with top award-winning photographers, videographers and Internet media development specialists

  • Technology evaluation and analysis – Research, test and review 3rd-party  media & broadcasting hardware & software

  • Immersive content and environments – for research, testing, simulation and development

  • Systems integration – hardware, software, trained DL nets and embedded systems

  • Broadcast VR – Live, realtime interactive environments for peered-multicast and on-demand delivery

  • Education & Internships– Deep learning, machine vision, embedded command & control and other areas

  • Simulation testing – Autonomous and assisted high performance driving, safety support, & applied game theory

Seeflection AI Media Lab 2
Seeflection AI Media Lab 1A

We have extensive in-house systems development, production, simulation and testing facilities. We use these in combination with our AI Media Lab and our AI-enabled tools and technologies to support interdisciplinary instruction, course development, corporate training and content creation across areas of specialty covered below.

Seeflection AI Media Lab 2
Seeflection AI Virtual Reality & 3D Studio C

We apply extensive in-house development, production, simulation and testing facilities to produce drone/LIDAR/satellite-sourced, virtually created, immersive 360, augmented and other types of content. In addition, we produce a range of interactive training, group/collaborative training and recovery support content–both in traditional and immersive VR/AR formats.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Visual Simulation

  • Neural Network and AI class visualization –  2D & 3D model training and visualization to increase efficiency and safety

  • VR/Visual Immersive – Mixed and virtual environments for visualization and adaptive simulations

  • Vestibular accommodation and adaptation – researching methods in virtual/simulated environments, & flight adaptation

  • Augmented / mixed commerce – 2.5K through 8K simulated and real time

  • PTSD, pain management and drug recovery – VR applications in augmented traditional protocols leading-edge experiments

  • Performance simulation & training – developing performance metrics and optimization feedback methods

Information & Data Science

  • Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML) Development – rapid class, model and hyper-parameter development

  • Homeland defense – AI-driven command & control, complex sequential & relational activity identification

  • Data Security – adaptive recognition, probes/query interception

  • Educational curriculum – automated curriculum and remediation support

  • Corporate operations –  AI/smart contract workflow, budgeting and process optimization & automation

  • Intelligent Journalism – Realtime AI-drive fact validation, media search, acquisition and management

  • High-end production studio – From Canon, Nikon & SONY, to Blackmagic, DJI / Hasselblad & Apollo, we have the best, video, photography and Internet broadcast studio and equipment available for rent and turn-key projects in Arizona.

Seeflection AI Media Lab 2
Seeflection Studio B2 - AI News, informatics & Immersive Journalism

With an average of over two decades of experience in computer based learning, e-learning and cognitive skills learning development and delivery.  We integrate a range of adaptive learning systems to both traditional and new augmented content types.

We use Tensorflow, Caffe, Simulink and various custom and commercial Python, node.js, C++ and related environments to develop and test.  Deep Learning neural networking and related tools are used extensively for a wide range of learning/training, simulation and embedded applications.

Seeflection AI Media Lab 2
Robotics, Secure Transactions & Embedded AI Control Systems

We integrate a range of Ethereum-based development technologies as well as Blockchain-driven commerce and exchange automation systems, which we deploy using Tensorflow and related Artificial intelligence technologies.  This enables us to create autonomous agents that support highly-secure next generation autonomous transaction automation via secure contracts.  We develop Internet of Things (IoT) embedded system apps for command and control, robotics, environment automation, using NVIDIA, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Apple Homekit and Microsoft MRDS.

 AI-enabled Blockchain, IoT and Command & Control Systems

  • Internet of Things (IOT) – Remoting, acquisition, gaming and Deep Learning NNet endpoints

  • Mobile / Remote interface & control – Machine leaning control systems

  • Drones / UAV – intelligent subject and activity identification using standard and Neuro-Swarm™ systems
  • Embedded / Remote Security – Home automation, AI-security

  • Automation Control System – For workflow, financial transactions, intelligent AI-based control systems

  • Blockchain / Ethereum – Secure contracts & Bitcoin / Ethereum apps

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