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Reporter Reveals Results of Chatbot Challenge

Bard and Bing users are giving conflicting reviews [...]

Salon Columnists Criticize Use of ChatGPT

The over-the-top responses for the new Bing ChatGPT [...]

Chatbots Go Wild with Bad Info, Personas

Taking online with a chatbot can produce some [...]

OpenAI Offers Monthly Subscription to ChatGPT

Open AI offers a monthly subscription for ChatGPT. [...]

New Tools Help Detect Bot-Written Content

While ChatGPT is all the rage currently, bot [...]

Huge Tech Layoffs Provide Opportunity, Challenges

Many of the corporations announcing layoffs are headquartered [...]

AI Chatbots Vary Widely in Abilities, Costs

The YouChat chatbot is just as functional as [...]

Google Shares Vision of Chatbots, Announces Layoffs

Reports say Google has become alarmed over the [...]

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