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Meta AI Training to Find Language Meaning

"With magnetoencephalography, we can then compare areas in [...]

Researchers Claim AI Robot Can Taste Food It Cooks

The robot assessed nine variations of scrambled eggs [...]

Beijing Loosens Robotaxi Rules in Parts of China

Last week, the Toyota-backed became the first [...]

Ai-Da the Artist Gains Show in Venice

Ai-Da the robot and her art creations. (Photo [...]

Analyst Suggests Need for AI to Spot Ethical Breaches

A Tesla Bot that relies on AI is [...]

U.S. Survey Charts Changes in AI, Robotics Use

A Gartner survey found a reversal among U.S. [...]

AI Takes Prosthetics to New Levels

Intuitive AI ss machine learning for sse in [...]

Study Says Children Lack AI Education

Decision-makers and tech innovators must prioritize children's rights [...]