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Tech Heavyweights Partner with Hyundai’s IONIQ

Hyundai's Ioniq Car Combines Electric, Self-driving Tech with More [...]

Researchers Train AI to Predict Robot Actions

To predict the motion of the robot 'actor,' [...]

AI Invents Lower Cost, Better Prosthetic Hand

Army captain Carey Duval practices with new prosthetic [...]

Research Shows Robot Advice Can Affect Human Responses

A study using a risk-taking game involving a [...]

Movie Shows AI Bewildered by Humans

Screen shot from "Superintelligence" movie trailer. (Source: YouTube) [...]

Algorithm, Facial Recognition Biases Remain Issue

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, an associate director of the [...]

Law Roundup: Bots for FBI, Facial Recognition for Cops

Citizens Are Pushing Back With High Tech [...]

Social Distancing Tech Makes for Spooky Halloween

Reese's door travels to select doors to spread [...]