Ethics and Best Practices

AV Companies Targeted by Synthetic Data Researchers

The use of synthetic data is expected to [...]

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Senator Calls for Oversight of Child Welfare Algorithms

Sen. Wyden of Oregon says he has long [...]

AI Ability to Find Race Via X-rays Troubles Researchers

Chest X-rays analyzed by AI could determine the [...]

ACLU Wins Privacy Suit against Clearview AI

  Clearview AI Settles ACLU Lawsuit on Invasion of [...]

Drivers Unhappy with Amazon’s AI Cameras Onboard

Amazon Follows through with HD Cameras on All Delivery [...]

Scientists Warn of Dangers of Molecular Weapons

An algorithm created 40,000 toxic compounds overnight, researchers [...]

EU Votes to Set AI Legal Boundaries on Tech Platforms

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission [...]

Scientists Worry about Weaponization of Drugs

Scientists used RNN that can create toxicity capable [...]