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Alethea AI Raises Millions with Cuban’s Aid

The metaverse awaits your avatar. (Source: Althea) [...]

Yale Prof Shows How an AI Can Make Vehicles Racist

AI technology, here being used to control robotic [...]

Facebook in a Spin over Whistleblower Charges

Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, testified before [...]

Pizza Hut Invests in Its Own Data-Centric Technology

Pizza Hut has updated its technology with AI [...]

Metaphysic’s Deepfakes Raise AI Ethics Questions

Chris Ume, a co-founder of Metaphysic, sees a [...]

GIDE Algorithm Gives Military View into the Future

Air National Guard personnel monitor aircraft at Tyndall [...]

Countries Invest in AI Tech to Compete with U.S. Advances

France, South Korea, and China are all pursuing [...]

AI Hall of Shame Contains 100 Entries So Far

Not every idea is a winner, even if [...]