Data Science Research and Results

Wolfram: AI Future Has Arrived with ChatGPT

Dr. Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research, discusses [...]

New Tools Help Detect Bot-Written Content

While ChatGPT is all the rage currently, bot [...]

Google Shares Vision of Chatbots, Announces Layoffs

Reports say Google has become alarmed over the [...]

China Anxious about Generative AI Explosion

This is a sample of Stable Diffusion's Generative [...]

EU Widens Gap with U.S. on Consumer Protections

The European Union is updating consumer protections regarding [...]

How AI Can Help Ease Retail Market Downturns

AI is reshaping the retail side of marketing [...]

AI Creating New Materials for the Next Century

Researchers Find New Alloys, Polymers through AI Machine Learning [...]

Mayo Clinic Shares Data, Cash with Rising Start-ups

Mayo Clinic received an equity position in each [...]

Scientists Use Nanomagnets for Wine Tasting Tech

NIST Researchers use wine tasting hardware and nanomagnets [...]

AV Companies Targeted by Synthetic Data Researchers

The use of synthetic data is expected to [...]

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