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Amazon Upgrades Warehouse Bots with New AI

Amazon's Kiva platform got an upgrade to better [...]

2022 Will Remain Rollercoaster Ride for Cryptocurrencies

Where does cryptocurrency fit in our economic picture? [...]

Researchers to Alter Plant Genes in Effort to Cut Carbon

A genertics research group is exploring using CRISPR [...]

Google Fires Researcher after Cover-up Accusation

Google's top-tier management has been involved in an [...]

Senator Calls for Oversight of Child Welfare Algorithms

Sen. Wyden of Oregon says he has long [...]

NY Times Documentary on Tesla Safety Warns Owners

The New York Times created “Elon Musk’s Crash [...]

Robotic Rats to Help Find, Rescue People in Crisis

SquRo is ready to go to work, Chinese [...]

AI-Driven Cameras Help Police Nab Criminals

The Flock Safety Falcon camera is helping to [...]