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Algorithm Replaces Amazon Recruiters in Rollout

Amazon has turned a large number of employee [...]

Viral Deepfake on TikTok Stirs Up Fans

This deepfake of comedian Alec Baldwin, morphed into [...]

Report Shows Growing Use of Algorithms to Run Cities

Washington D.C. and other cities are quietly using [...]

Alexa, Other AI to Digitally Animate Deceased

Korean company uses AI to create animations of [...]

New Chip Can Run Algorithms Easily

H.-S. Philip Wong (left), Weier Wan, and Gert [...]

Artists on Platform Object to Image Scraping

A pair of DreamUp images feature 'Abraham Lincoln [...]

AI Connects Faces of WW II with Survivors

Numbers to Names App Helps Holocaust Survivors Find Photographs [...]

EU Widens Gap with U.S. on Consumer Protections

The European Union is updating consumer protections regarding [...]

Top Colleges Develop Self-Learning Diagnostic Tool

The new tool uses natural language descriptions from [...]

Incredible Results with AI in Medical Imaging

A medical professional depicted in a Time magazine [...]