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Author Calls Relying on AI Weather Forecasts ‘Risky’

The GOES-16 satellite is still forecasting five years [...]

CEO Innovator Brings AI Warehousing to Walmart

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CES 2022 Planned with Fewer Vendors

CES 2022 might be messy, promoter says. [...]

Levi Strauss & Co. Says Data, Revenue Grew with AI

Katia Walsh, Chief of Strategy with Levi Strauss [...]

Forbes: AI Scenarios Prove Difficult to Predict

Forbes's AI writers predicted that Waymo (self-driving car [...]

Apple Inc. Plans EV In Highly Competitive Market

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he is excited [...]

FaceBook’s Rebranding Video Earns Boos

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta branding video gets panned by [...]

Grammarly Leads as NLP Reaches Billions in Valuations

Grammarly raised $200 million and reached a $13 [...]

7 Major Changes Coming from AI in 2022

The seven ways AI could alter reality in [...]