Med Pros Press for Meta Misinformation Review

Some medical researchers think Covid-19 health challenges are [...]

AI Ability to Find Race Via X-rays Troubles Researchers

Chest X-rays analyzed by AI could determine the [...]

AI-Driven Cameras Help Police Nab Criminals

The Flock Safety Falcon camera is helping to [...]

ACLU Wins Privacy Suit against Clearview AI

  Clearview AI Settles ACLU Lawsuit on Invasion of [...]

Drivers Unhappy with Amazon’s AI Cameras Onboard

Amazon Follows through with HD Cameras on All Delivery [...]

John Deere Joins Startup on Autonomous Farm Equipment

Deere begins using Light AI, which enables the [...]

Meta AI Training to Find Language Meaning

"With magnetoencephalography, we can then compare areas in [...]

Scientists Warn of Dangers of Molecular Weapons

An algorithm created 40,000 toxic compounds overnight, researchers [...]

Researchers Claim AI Robot Can Taste Food It Cooks

The robot assessed nine variations of scrambled eggs [...]

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