Open Source AI Projects

New Literature Co-Authored by Novelist with GPT-3

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an autoregressive language [...]

Meta AI Training to Find Language Meaning

"With magnetoencephalography, we can then compare areas in [...]

Researchers Revealing Ancient Greek Texts with Ithaca Algorithm

Ancient Greek inscriptions are often fragmented. The software [...]

Scientists Dispute OpenAI ‘Sentient’ Statement

Researchers reject a researcher's 'singularity' claim, saying that [...]

Google’s DeepMind Shows Problem-Solving Skills

Deepmind AI is writing code while solving problems [...]

China, U.S. Differ on AI Education Strategies

U.S. students build robotic cars using computers and [...]

Nvidia AI-Assisted Art Software Gets Top Review

A drawing with squiggles along with some written [...]

Flowrite Gains Millions for Automated Emails

Co-Founders of Flowrite, Karolus Sariola and Aaro Isosaari [...]

Alethea AI Raises Millions with Cuban’s Aid

The metaverse awaits your avatar. (Source: Althea) [...]