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AI Ability to Find Race Via X-rays Troubles Researchers

Chest X-rays analyzed by AI could determine the [...]

Study Explores Impact of AI ‘Colonization’

MIT Technology Review is looking into the 'colonialization' [...]

DOT/NHTSA Issues Safety Regs for Autonomous Vehicles

Pony.AI builds one of the vehicles to be [...]

Pulitzer Center Offers Grants for AI Journalism

The Pulitzer Center's AI Accountability Network will give [...]

Scientists Dispute OpenAI ‘Sentient’ Statement

Researchers reject a researcher's 'singularity' claim, saying that [...]

Multiple Scientists Claim Singularity Via Neural Networks

Biological? Post-biological? Or something in between? Neural network [...]

Insights on High Tech Jobs Wage Growth, Decrease

A scarcity of specialists in Solr, an open-source [...]

Kissinger Pens Book with AI Experts on its Impact

Henry Kissinger meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin [...]

Top 8 Predictions on AI, ML for 2022

The online magazine predicts the eight greatest [...]