Amazon Follows through with HD Cameras on All Delivery Vans in the UK

Last year, Amazon said it planned to use AI-equipped cameras to surveil delivery drivers on their routes. Now, the company has started installing such cameras on its vans in the UK, according to The Telegraph. The action has created concern from privacy groups who called it “excessive” and “creepy.”

With the general fear that lots of people have about being spied on with Big Brother cameras, it is easy to see why the drivers of these vans aren’t thrilled with the additional security. Amazon says the cameras are for monitoring the safety habits of drivers and how they go about their day.

A privacy group called Big Brother Watch said the system is “excessive, intrusive and creepy worker surveillance,” and called for it to be paused.

“This kind of directed surveillance could actually risk distracting drivers, let alone demoralizing them,” director Silkie Carlo told The Telegraph. “It is bad for workers’ rights and awful for privacy in our country.”

In a statement from Amazon they told The Telegraph that “the purpose of introducing this technology is to keep drivers and communities safe, there is no other reason behind that. We have carried out a comprehensive data privacy assessment in line with applicable laws.”

So it is kind of like Amazon says “it’s my ball and we will play by my rules.” This story isn’t over by a long shot. S.Dent wrote this piece for and it is clear the drivers object to this change in every way.

In an unlisted video narrated by Karolina Haraldsdottir, Amazon’s senior manager for last-mile safety, she said the company wants to reduce collisions and risky driver behavior. To that end, the four HD cameras are constantly recording footage all around the cab and driver.