ArtStation Takes Down Protests of AI-Driven Art is one of the AI services that [...]

Google CEO Fears Future with ChatGPT, Others

Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai, who has emphasized [...]

Australian Program Aids Handicapped Caregiving

Example of AI technology in an assisted care [...]

Picsart Offers Latest in Text-to-Image App

Picsart brings Avatars to Life with new app. [...]

U.S. Names Chinese Chip Companies to Blacklist

The U.S. has sanctioned a variety of Chinese [...]

2022 Ends Poorly for 1000 Cryptocurrencies

Investors Hear the Crash of Cryptocurrency FTX's Collapse, Causing [...]

Y Combinator Founder: Co’s Get More AI for Less Capital

Paul Graham sold Viaweb to Yahoo in 1998, [...]

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