Researchers Say Moore’s Law Has Been Left Behind By AI

Research Team Shows AI Doubling Computing Power Every 6 [...]

Nvidia’s Omniverse Replicator Uses Synthetic Data in ML

Nvidia's Omniverse 3D platform (as represented by this [...]

AI Reads Hip X-Rays 19% Better than People

U.K. and U.S. shortages of radiologists might be [...]

AI Beats Humans in Car Racing Game

Algorithm beats human champs in Grand Turismo to [...]

Scientists Dispute OpenAI ‘Sentient’ Statement

Researchers reject a researcher's 'singularity' claim, saying that [...]

Multiple Scientists Claim Singularity Via Neural Networks

Biological? Post-biological? Or something in between? Neural network [...]

Metaverse App Raises Concerns over Child Predators

Metaverse app turns users into legless avatars, who [...]

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