AI Detects Alzheimer’s through Speech Patterns

AI can help people detect Alzheimer's Disease at [...]

Meta’s AI Research SuperCluster to Power Metaverse

Meta's AI research supercomputer will be unveiled in [...]

UK Team’s Algorithm Finds Heart Issues from Scans

Close up of the interior of an eye [...]

Startup Addresses the Lack of Emotion in AI

Alan Cowen, founder of Hume AI. He seeks [...]

Writer Puts Competing Sweepers through the Paces for Reviews

The Samsung Jet Bot AI Plus is a [...]

China, U.S. Investments in Chip Production Soar

Enflame Technology is one of several Chinese companies [...]

AI and Classic Art: Historic Match Made with Algorithms

Gerrit Lundens's reference copy of "The Night Watch" [...]

Early Warning System for Covid Developed with AI

More than 10,000 novel variant sequences of Covid [...]

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