IBM Sells Watson Health to Francisco Partners at a Loss

Two blue-chip high-tech companies are going in opposite [...]

U.S. Survey Charts Changes in AI, Robotics Use

A Gartner survey found a reversal among U.S. [...]

Nvidia Superchip to Speed Up Data Mining, Processing

Nvidia's new Grace CPU Superchip helps power AI [...]

AI Takes Prosthetics to New Levels

Intuitive AI ss machine learning for sse in [...]

Intuition Robotics Scores with ElliQ Elderly Assistant

ElliQ, a desktop assistant which converses in real-time [...]

New Survey Reveals Public’s Opinions on AI

Pew Research Center asked 10,000 people their views [...]

DOT/NHTSA Issues Safety Regs for Autonomous Vehicles

Pony.AI builds one of the vehicles to be [...]

Telehealth Gets Green Light in Omnibus Package

Telemedicine is changing the medical profession around the [...]

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