Amazon Upgrades Warehouse Bots with New AI

Amazon's Kiva platform got an upgrade to better [...]

Free-Use Facial Recognition Algorithm IDs WW ll Faces

Musician Geddy Lee with his mother, an Auschwitz [...]

AI Trash Sorting Brings New Business Opportunities

In the future, AI-driven robotic sorting systems and [...]

AV Companies Targeted by Synthetic Data Researchers

The use of synthetic data is expected to [...]

2022 Will Remain Rollercoaster Ride for Cryptocurrencies

Where does cryptocurrency fit in our economic picture? [...]

Researchers to Alter Plant Genes in Effort to Cut Carbon

A genertics research group is exploring using CRISPR [...]

Spotify Acquires Sonontic After ‘Top Gun’ Film Project

Tom Cruise is the star of 'Top Gun: [...]

Gartner Predicts ‘Hyperautomation’ Will Transform Factories

Most auto factories are fully automated by robotics, [...]

Sandbox AQ to Decrypt Threats by Quantum Hackers

A close-up of details from an IBM quantum [...]

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