Opu Labs Creates Skincare Shopping, Advice App

The beauty industry has been the source of billions of dollars of profit for corporations like Revlon, Maybelline and smaller cosmetic and skincare companies. Now a start-up company called Opu Labs thinks it has found a way to break in by incorporating AI, smartphones and dermatologists to change the face of skincare.

A story on Opu Labs appeared in, of all places, Bitcoinist.net because of a blockchain connection in terms of maintaining the privacy of medical records. The piece points to an approach of merging medicine and AI, that goes beyond facial skincare to any part of the body’s surface and allow long distance interactions between patients and doctors or dermatologists.

The company asserts that artificial intelligence (AI) and big data holds the key to making shoppers better informed–helping them to save money and reduce time spent researching which products to buy through using an impartial source.

One of the centerpieces of the start-up’s offering is Opu AI. Users can upload an image of their face which will be analyzed for redness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or acne across four specific regions. They are given a score for each area and “personalized, intelligent” advice on products that could help improve their skin’s condition. The company already has an early version of the software available to view online. In time, Opu AI plans to develop the capability to analyze skin elsewhere on the body, while providing a way for dermatologists to provide online consultations.

By including the Blockchain concept with the medical records, wireless transporting of medical information can and will remain safe from prying eyes.

Opu AI has raised funds to proceed with the project. Below you can view Opu Labs project in action.

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