These Robots Do Surgery, Are Companions & Dance on Asteroids

From surgeonbots to low-gravity astrobots, robots are programmed [...]

Study Finds Race Flaw in Algorithm Used for Sepsis Alerts

Algorithm alerts for sepsis from Epic Systems appear [...]

Shadow Figment Generates Cyber Decoys to Foil Hackers

Shadow Figment fights hackers with honeypots. (Source: Storyblocks) [...]

Luminar Advances Lidar with IPO, Deals with Automakers

Austin Russel, the founder and CEO of Luminar, [...]

Chinese Companies Use AI to Check for Smiles

    The Smiling Face Tech is the [...]

Introducing the WomBot from Australia

Researchers Design Robots to Study Wombat Health in Tasmania [...]

AI Creates Fake Digital People for Data Purposes

The fake human faces were created by algorithms [...]

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