Spotting Racial Bias in Predictive Programming

Racial imbalance has been built into algorithms. [...]

Honeywell Spends $1.3B on Quality Management System

Honeywell's purchase of Trackwise quality management software from [...]

Google Suppresses Damaging Internal Research

Google employees raise the alarm over policy changes [...]

AI Columnist Recommends Best Books of 2020

Best AI-Related Books Listed from Black Lives Mattering in [...]

Virtual Holiday Party Fails Are Common

Free Zoom office party wallpaper. (Source: The Bash [...]

Top 10 AI Papers Indicate Major Leaps Forward

Images used for research in creating 3D reconstructions. [...]

Fable Studios Creates AI-Based ‘Virtual Beings’

Fable Studios introduces 'virtual beings' Charlie and Bret. [...]

Research Shows Robot Advice Can Affect Human Responses

A study using a risk-taking game involving a [...]

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