The lobby of Adobe headquarters in San Jose, CA.

Adobe Provides a Peek into New AI-Powered Concepts for Graphical Tools

You can feel it in the air. It’s that special time of year again. No not Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas. It’s the time of year where several high-tech companies hold conferences to show the world their latest products. And in the case of Adobe’s MAX conference, they show the world ideas they think will become products.

Mark Wilson, with, published an article about the high tech unveiling this week. Wilson writes about Adobe’s “Sneaks,” or the UX experiments that Adobe Research and engineering teams are working on that aren’t quite ready to be put into real products yet. These are often powered by Adobe’s reality-altering AI platform called Sensei.

This week, Adobe shared 10 new Sneaks at its MAX conference. In his article, the author included videos that focus on “wow” ideas that Adobe has been working on. For instance:

Typographic Brushes

It is a nice tutorial on the possibility of  Typographic Brushes and it runs almost 4 and 1/2 minutes. As do the other two videos Wilson included in his article. The next video is called:

Comic Blast

Say you’ve written a comic book script, but you don’t have a team of artists to do the work. Here’s the solution:

“Comic Blast can actually import a standardly formatted comic book script and create all of the panels and word bubbles for you. Don’t like the exact word bubble layout? You can drag and drop them to reposition and even combine them—meaning that you have the flexibility to set up the scene as you like, just like bona fide comic book creators do. Yes been those of us who can’t draw a straight line without a ruler can have hope in bringing our ideas to the printed page.”

About 60% of the sneaks make it into Adobe products. If the company brings these ideas to life, once again they’ll be using AI to improve the creative process.