Reese’s door travels to select doors to spread its peanut butter cups during 2020.

Halloween Tech Helps to Bridge the Distance during the Time of Covid

Halloween, like most of 2020, has a “new normal” involving some innovative thinking. People are creating long tubes to send candy pieces from their front door, down to the kids standing at the other end. Some are hanging baskets on clotheslines to send the candy to kids that way. Trying to social distance on what’s usually a high contact holiday is hard. We found an article from last year on Halloween from that reminded us of the good old days.

For kids—and grown-ups who are kids at heart—Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year. What once began as a  Celtic tradition has become a day in which everyone in America has an excuse to celebrate, reconnect with friends, eat good food and dress up. What’s better than delicious desserts, haunted houses, night walks and parties?

This year, when you celebrate Halloween, remember the event’s history; in an age of AI, the history of Halloween is more relevant than ever since the Fourth Industrial Revolution has sparked a golden age of creativity. Welcome to the Halloween party of the future.

The Halloween party of the future is based on timeless human concepts of connection and community. No matter where you are in the world, you can always find a celebration. Imagine what this party will look like when augmented and virtual reality become even more commonplace.

It’s still pretty hard to hold Halloween parties on ZOOM, but in a pinch, it could be done.

And even when it comes to candy, we are again a pretty divided nation. Picking our favorites is a very personal decision not everyone can agree on. So Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has taken a different approach to Halloween this year. We found this at just in time for little goblins to enjoy. Andrew Liszewski writes about Halloween candy and is not shy about saying his favorite is not the peanut butter cup.

Reese’s Rolling Door

The company invented a rolling door with a candy slot controlled by a remote. It’s a fine idea, but one with a terrible flaw: It only dispenses Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Here’s the writer’s description of the contraption:

“Some credit is certainly owed to Hershey’s for going above and beyond to support a holiday so very crucial to the company’s bottom line. A lot of engineering probably went into the door, which can roam neighborhoods with spooky sounds, lights, and smoke effects while being remotely operated from as far as 5,000 feet. When a child approaches the door and says, ‘Trick or treat,’ a full-sized pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is delivered through an automated slot.”

So whatever is your favorite candy or your favorite way to dispense candy to trick or treaters, please be safe and please enjoy the holiday. It seems we are all in need of some diversion or some joy, even if it’s a little spooky. Or kitschy.

Happy Halloween From!