It’s not Rosie from the Jetsons cartoon yet, but robot maids are gaining in abilities.

AI Trained Bots Learn to Do Wide Array of Tasks via VR

These robot housekeepers pick up cups and beer cans, put dirty clothes in the washer and clean⏤with a little help from humans

According to, Japanese tech giant Toyota’s Research Institute (TRI) is training robots to fulfill random household tasks by letting humans look through the bots’ eyes using virtual reality.

“When teaching a task, a person can try different approaches, making use of their creativity to use the robot’s hands and tools to perform the task,” TRI wrote in a press release. “This makes leveraging and using different tools easy, allowing humans to quickly transfer their knowledge to the robot for specific situations.”

Humans can then teach robots everyday skills by annotating the scene with simple notes and instructions, according to the paper the researchers recently published on the preprint server arXiv.

It’s almost Rosie the Robot type of assistant you might recall from The Jetsons Cartoon. These TRI bots look a little like Rosie with out the apron and hair net.

According to TRI, the bot isn’t meant to become a consumer product, but rather serve as a proof-of-concept for future research. If Toyota decides to mass produce the robots, researchers expect high demand.

Along with housekeepers, the Boston Dynamics version of man’s best friend, Spot the dog-bot, is available and ready for his forever charging port.