Internet of Things

Metaverse Spreads into Medicine, Prone to Attacks

Surgeons performed brain surgery on twins using VR [...]

Company Aims to Microchip/Blockchain Nearly Anything

Signs of Blending Realities in the Metaverse of Things [...]

Study Says Children Lack AI Education

Decision-makers and tech innovators must prioritize children's rights [...]

Writer Puts Competing Sweepers through the Paces for Reviews

The Samsung Jet Bot AI Plus is a [...]

Andrew Ng Helps Raises $57M for Landing AI

Andrew Ng has big plans for Landing AI [...]

Alethea AI Raises Millions with Cuban’s Aid

The metaverse awaits your avatar. (Source: Althea) [...]

Altana Startup Crusades for Supply Chains

Altana AI has the goal of becoming the [...]

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