AI is being used by the military and industry so pervasively that Oxford scientists warn that it could become a threat if not regulated. (Source: Adobe Stock)

Dangers of ‘Superhuman’ AI Concern Oxford University Scientists Who Warn UK

You have to hand it to Oxford scientists. They sure know how to grab your attention when it comes to AI—and wiping out mankind. Does the article from have your attention now?

Here is the first paragraph that gives the knowledgeable reader pause:

Researchers from Oxford University have warned UK lawmakers that “superhuman AI” could end up being at least as dangerous as nuclear weapons and should therefore be regulated like them, The Telegraph reports.

The experts told MPs at the UK government’s Science and Technology Select Committee about the dangers of unregulated AI technologies — and they didn’t exactly beat around the bush.

“With superhuman AI there is a particular risk that is of a different sort of class, which is, well, it could kill everyone,” doctoral student Michael Cohen told MPs, as quoted by The Telegraph.

And of course, no article about AI and the end of the world would be complete without an Elon Musk quote from several years ago. Naturally, he supported the company that developed the most advanced AI to date—OpenAI.

“Mark my words — A.I. is far more dangerous than nukes.”

While we watch, AI becomes more and more a part of our daily lives. We get more comfortable with it and we seem to pooh-pooh when one of the so-called experts warns us about AI.

Most AI-connected researchers trying to create more sophisticated AI and how it is inserted into our lives will tell you they are fully aware of how risky it is. They know for sure how much like magic this technology can appear to a layman. They also know the power AI holds has not even been touched yet. Quantum computing is likely a reality on some levels already.

Michael Osborne, a professor of machine learning at the University of Oxford said:

“There are some reasons for hope in that we have been pretty good at regulating the use of nuclear weapons,” Osborne said. “If we were able to gain an understanding that advanced AI is as comparable a danger as nuclear weapons, then perhaps we could arrive at similar frameworks for governing it.”

That is if AI will still allow us to. Shudder.