Quantum Computing – Breaking News

Oxford Scientists Warn of Threat in Controlling AI

AI is being used by the military and [...]

Sandbox AQ to Decrypt Threats by Quantum Hackers

A close-up of details from an IBM quantum [...]

Scientists Dispute OpenAI ‘Sentient’ Statement

Researchers reject a researcher's 'singularity' claim, saying that [...]

Multiple Scientists Claim Singularity Via Neural Networks

Biological? Post-biological? Or something in between? Neural network [...]

Top 8 Predictions on AI, ML for 2022

The online magazine itbusinessedge.com predicts the eight greatest [...]

Quantum Leaps: Better Chip, Software, Cloud Service

(Source: Microsoft) Revolutionary Australian Chip Among Major [...]

Study Says Super-Intelligence Can’t Be Controlled

Skynet logo from the Terminator movie series. [...]

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