The YouChat chatbot is just as functional as others, but without the annoying capacity blocks, and has no cost.

Article Challenges Users to Try Out 5 Chatbots to Compare Features

If we were to take a survey we might find the word “chatbot” has garnered most of the tech headlines as of late. While the chatbot technology may not be brand new, as stated by Meta AI Chief Yann LeCun this week, it is being used differently.

In case you haven’t been following along, let’s catch up a little bit. AI writing tools can help lighten your workload by writing emails and essays and even doing math. They use AI to generate text or answer queries based on user input. And along with emails and such, college and high school students have been using them to write essays and the like. Tsk Tsk.

Because these chatbots are so proficient one enterprising student spent a weekend writing a program that supposedly can spot writings written by a bot.

Whether unlocking your phone through facial recognition, telling Alexa to play a song or walking you through prompts for service on a phone call, AI is ubiquitous. Now, anyone can harness the power of AI to write everything from research papers to code, to emails. was curious about these chatbots and found an article from that will provide links for five to try out. Below is the group of algorithms you can access.

Some of the chatbots cost you to use on a monthly basis. Others are free. Some can do math while others can’t. The article by associate editor Sabrina Ortiz lays out a lot of information about the bots.

This writer had fun fooling around with Jasper for a little while. And what is perhaps most amazing about the content the chatbot writes is how quickly it produces what you asked for. Really astounding.

We highly recommend you check out the article and give chatbots a try. They are entertaining and probably extremely valuable for those who suffer from writer’s block.

It will give you something new to talk about around the water cooler since football is almost over for the year. You can even ask the chatbots how to fix your favorite football team. They will likely have an immediate answer for you. Keep in mind that some chatbots are so popular that users sometimes see the chatbot has reached capacity and will have to wait for a spot to open.