SPOT by Boston Dynamics is becoming a video star.

If It’s Friday Then It’s Time For Robots

The people over at IEEE Spectrum are really into robots. So much so that every Friday on they publish robot videos to entertain and amaze you.

Some, like the one pictured above from Boston Dynamics, might be familiar, but several others are hardly known for now. For instance, there is a video from Robotstart that was filmed at an event in Japan. The use of hundreds of drones lit up the sky with messages of support from Japan to Ukraine and an enormous peace sign was formed by drones as well.

Next, the article about robots went completely off the rails. This next robot is about building a better mouth. We are not joking.

“In this paper, we propose a lip-inspired soft robotic gripper. This gripper is motivated by animals’ oral structure, especially from lips. Lips have various functions: holding, regrasping, sucking in, and spitting objects. This gripper especially focuses on the functions of holding and regrasping. We validated the capability of the lip pouch of the gripper with various objects through experiments. Moreover, we demonstrated regrasping objects with this gripper.”

Next up was another silly little robot video about “Sally” and “Brown.”

And there are several more videos of different robots/drones. And we assure you they are very entertaining. But their usefulness may be another matter. Happy Friday!