ServiceNow is buying Hitch to beef up its integration offerings. (Source: ServiceNow)

Workflow Platform Giant ServiceNow to Integrate Talent Finder Hitch

At a time when workers are leaving companies in greater than normal numbers, ServiceNow, the workflow company serving numerous large corporations, is beefing up its offerings by buying Hitch, another AI-based company that, “helps companies plug the talent gap by aligning existing employees’ skills with new roles and training opportunities across the company.”

According to a story on VentureBeat, ServiceNow describes itself as a “platform that connects people, functions and systems” across an organization. Hitch made an attractive target because its offerings fit in with ServiceNow’s efforts to integrate companies digitally.

“With prebuilt integrations for applicant tracking systems, learning management systems, human capital management (HCM) systems, LinkedIn, online survey tools and more, Hitch offers mapping and analytics for skill supply and demand, career planning and mentoring. Leaning on machine learning, Hitch automatically interprets data across project work, job postings and people profiles, then makes recommendations — this could involve matching an employee to new training courses, internal job posts, short-term projects that are understaffed and so on.”

ServiceNow plans to integrate Hitch’s systems into its platform. Hitch already serves such companies as Allianz, Bosch and GE Digital. The system is expected to address a problem in many organizations–the lack of advancement opportunities for current employees–who decide to leave their companies to pursue better jobs. By using Hitch, companies will be able to better identify employees with skills that can be used for other positions, so that they can promote them from within.