Unlike other robot dogs on the market, the Koda AI dog is meant to interact socially with its human owners.

Super Robot Dogs Respond to Human Owner’s Emotions with AI Boost

The robotic dog Boston Dynamics introduced looks and acts like a super robot dog. But now there is a new dog on the block that’s interested in its owner’s feelings.

The shiny new robotic pet doubles up as a guide and guard dog has a voice like Pixar’s Wall-E, and can even sense human emotions and respond to how its owner is feeling. Koda’s super-smart robot-pup can be seen performing all sorts of techy tricks in the company’s latest launch video.

The canine bot replicates the role of family pet and man’s best friend, built with this special bond between humans and real dogs in mind. For example, it has been specially designed to socially interact with humans and can even sense human emotions. Over time, the dog learns through experience and responds to its owner’s feelings.

Sam Huntly wrote the piece about the Koda dog for dailystar.uk.com.

In the launch video, we see the canine helper fetch a box of tissues for its upset owner. It can also act as a guide dog for any visually impaired owners, and even a guard dog if you’re in need of security. Koda says the dog is a “powerful supercomputer that can solve complex problems.”

It has a “blockchain-enabled decentralized AI infrastructure,” which allows it to learn and perform a wide range of new and complex skills.

You can get the whole story about Koda at the link provided below. And there is no need to buy bags of dog food for this pet.

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