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Meta’s AI Chief Calls Chatbots Improved Old AI Tech

Yann LeCun, pictured at Ecole Polytechnique during a [...]

Google Shares Vision of Chatbots, Announces Layoffs

Reports say Google has become alarmed over the [...]

Microsoft, Amazon Announce Layoffs for 2023

While some high-tech lay-offs are affecting the Seattle [...]

AI Updates Wetlands Data, Creates Accurate Maps

Keeping the environment healthy is the goal of [...]

AI in Eye Care Field Improves Profits, Results

Strides in eye care have been made due [...]

Getty Images Files UK Suit Over AI Scraping

An independent analysis of the dataset found that [...]

New EV by Sony, Honda Built to Entertain

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida describes the features of [...]

School District Sues Media for Mental Health Drop

Seattle public schools filed a lawsuit in U.S. [...]

AI Assists Humans in Courtroom Battles

Algorithms are in use by legal systems to [...]