A player demonstrates how the full-body VR Esports Arena works in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Virtual Reality Energizes Digital Gaming in Active Esports Area

In the today’s world of entertainment, being on the cutting edge will make or break many companies. More often than ever, yesterday’s software or video gaming becomes passé and loses its financial success nearly overnight. Demand for new and more exciting ways to keep players and audiences entertained drives innovation.

Digital gaming changed dramatically when companies expanded the immersion factor for fantasy games through enhanced audiovisual experiences. Now active gaming for single or team play has created a new level of virtual reality Esports, according to a story on vrscout.com.

The last week of February 2020 marked the launch of Active Esports Arena Eindhoven, a full-body VR esports facility that blends immersive gaming with physical sports.

Developed by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios in partnership with PSV and Sportscloud, Active Esports Eindhoven immerses players in the world of Exodus Burn, a combination VR escape room and digital obstacle course in which the player’s body becomes the controller as they race against the clock to do a variety of unique 1-minute challenges. They can play the gam both competitively, as well as cooperatively, with up to four players, harnessing elements from conventional sports combined with strategic video games.

“Active gaming with your body as the controller, where you sometimes work together and then to end up competing against each other to keep the highest score,” says Exodus Burned creator Peter Kortenhoeven in an official release. “That’s how you best describe Exodus Burned, the official first active esport. At the moment, we are talking with several European top football clubs to open similar arenas. In addition, there is a desire to organize an Exodus Burned League and tournaments among these clubs.”

Involving FIFA or even the NFL would be a natural pairing that would be almost guaranteed success. And if this active gaming produces calorie burning experiences while being a million times more exciting than a treadmill, then it will have massive appeal.

The video above is in Dutch so unless you speak Dutch you might not get all the instructions, but the action speaks for itself.

“The great thing is that you can really become a better player by playing it repeatedly,” states Bob van Oosterhout, founder of Triple Double Sportsmarketing. “Moreover, the players and the game are beautifully portrayed and it is also exciting to watch as a spectator.

Looks like this could be an exciting investment in active gaming futures. Those interested in competing at Active Esports Arena will need to make the trip to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where they can play the facilities first game, Exodus Burn, both recreationally and competitively with a team. Groups can even schedule their own tournaments and events.

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