An Israeli Air Force F-15 Strike Eagle flies in formation with a U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer over Israel as part of a deterrence flight. (Source: U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Jerreht Harris via AP)

Israeli Defense Forces Claim Momentum Plan Will Help Reduce  Collateral Damage

When it comes to AI being used on the battlefield, Israel isn’t shy about deploying it or telling the world they have it. In an announcement found at the use of AI was made clear. A senior Israel Defense Forces official, whose name could not be used due to the sensitivity of their position, noted that the IDF is undergoing a digital transformation in dealing with AI in all its branches and the commands.

Basically, the article says Israel is combining battlefield resources and using one central AI to direct the movements of the military. Even bringing the use of augmented reality to foot soldiers similar to the ones used by pilots. According to officials, it’s all about the data.

“[It enables the IDF to be] more effective, faster and more efficient. Data is the dimension that is most flexible and adaptable. We fight in many arenas with new threats and challenges and this allows us great flexibility,” the official said.

And even though the announcement is coming in 2022, it is not in fact the first time Israel actually used their AI military system.

Reports indicate artificial intelligence played a key role in the Israel conflict with Hamas in Gaza in May 2021, and AI is increasingly being incorporated into systems developed by Israeli defense companies, such as rifles, bombs, and other systems, meaning the IDF now has an increasing array of platforms that use AI.

Digital transformation is a centerpiece of Israel’s multi-year Momentum plan that was announced in 2020, and it’s involved pushing information to units on the front lines and developing new units such as the Multi-Dimensional unit.

And it is certain, that Israel may be allowing small amounts of information to be given to the press, but there is much they are not going to reveal.

There is no question that every other major nation on the planet is already using or planning to use AI to make the next worldwide conflict even more deadly. Perhaps a shorter war can be expected if another actually comes. AI doesn’t miss its programmed target. Yes, it could be a very short war.

The official says even though AI is guiding the battle, it will have a human overseer.

“The human part of the circle is more the decision making and supervision, than data preparation,” said the official. “Where we are at this moment, we always have a person supervising. It’s hard to speculate about the future.”

Using a human supervisor, for now, doesn’t mean it won’t soon be completely operated by AI in the future, which is a less reassuring prospect.