Top 8 Predictions on AI, ML for 2022

The online magazine predicts the eight greatest [...]

Forbes: AI Scenarios Prove Difficult to Predict

Forbes's AI writers predicted that Waymo (self-driving car [...]

Survey Shows Lack of AI Knowledge by 84% of Public

Geekwire Series Seeks to Help Readers Get a Handle [...]

Wireless Power Sent to Drones via Whisper Beam

Electric Sky will explore adapting its wireless charging [...]

Moore’s Law No Longer Applies in AI-Driven World

Graphcore brought its bigger systems out to play [...]

Reports Advise Following NYC Law on Algorithms

AI holds inordinate power over people's lives when [...]

Medical Robots Now Routinely Perform Surgery

Medtronic robots perform brain, spine, urological and gynecological [...]

UW Study Finds NLP Issues with Historical Language

This is a heatmap of temporal degradation across [...]

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