Phillip Willett, who works in AI, created a holiday message from his late father John for his mother, Trish Willett, pictured in this still from a TikTok video. (Source: Phillip Willett)

St. Louis Man Gifts Mother a Voice Message from Deceased Father Via Magic of AI

A man from St. Louis used artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate his late father’s voice as a special Christmas present for his mother.

Phillip Willett, the content creator behind The Content Guy media company, shared a TikTok video featuring the creation, which quickly went viral. Using AI-generated voice software, Willett created a video book that featured his late father’s voice. Initially hesitant about the idea, Willett was inspired by his wife and discovered a community of people who had successfully used AI to recreate the voices of their loved ones.

Determined to get his late father’s voice just right, Willett spent an entire day working on the project and was thrilled with the results. In addition to recreating his father’s voice, he incorporated photos of his parents into the video book, creating a keepsake that captured their entire life together.

When Willett presented the video book to his mother, she was deeply moved and the two shared a heartfelt moment. Willett believes that using generative AI in a well-crafted and cinematic way can be an incredibly meaningful gift for someone who has lost a loved one. He recommends exploring the option of using AI for good and believes that it can provide comfort and remind people that their loved ones are always with them.