The return of VR tech, Meta’s recovering and advances in generative AI are among the predictions of tech blogger Alex Kantrowitz. (Source: Adobe Stock)

From What’s Next for Generative AI to Sutskever Job Change from OpenAI after Debacle

n this article, writer Alex Kantrowitz reflects on the past year in the tech industry and makes seven predictions for 2024. The author mentions that the tech industry has invested heavily in generative AI, and new models and products are expected to flood the market. The author predicts that large language models will evolve to remember users and have longer conversations across multiple sessions. There will be a focus on the ability of these models to reason, which will become a contentious topic in the AI field.

The article also mentions the possibility of OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever finding a new home in 2024 after his involvement in the effort to oust OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The author suggests that AI will inject new life into mixed reality, with AI avatars potentially appearing in devices like Oculus and Vision Pro. The author envisions AI assistants in camera-equipped smart glasses like Meta’s Raybans, providing information and interacting with users.

Furthermore, the author predicts that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, may not stick around for long due to the challenges of running a social network. Elon Musk is speculated to sell his company, referred to as “X,” after the U.S. Presidential election in Q4 2024. The article suggests that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, may easily surpass $1 trillion in market cap with interest rate cuts expected in the following year.