An image of a building concept by Hassan Ragab.

Expanding The Limitations of Physical and Architectural Imaginations With AI

Cristina Petridou of wrote a story about Egyptian computational designer and digital artist Hassan Ragab and his vision of using AI to design architecture, paired with mind-blowing images.

Ragab explores non-modular architecture utilizing the text-to-image AI tool Midjourney. The riveting structures reveal colossal facades carved with intricate patterns and sweeping openings. For this series, the buildings are clad with organic forms that resemble lush vegetation as a means of a new form of ornamentation. The result sees the conjunction of built solutions and surrealism, expanding the limitations of physical and architectural imaginations.

‘These tools are still in their infancy, but they develop at a much faster pace than we can fathom. We are already witnessing some of these tools being incorporated into adobe products, others extending to video making, and a few research papers paving the way for text to 3D models. There is also news about AI clouds automating electrical models in BIM (Building Information Modeling). I believe that in the upcoming few years, these tools will slowly take bigger parts in the architectural process, extending to assess viable buildable options and find optimum structural solutions, project management techniques, and suitable construction methods. By then, it will be very hard to predict what it means to be an architect. For now, I am hopeful that technology will allow humanity to come up with novel, better, and more sensible ideas of where and how we live, yet I might be wrong,’ Ragab shares with designboom.

The Egyptian interdisciplinary designer and artist generates digital art, utilizing Midjourney as the primary design tool for his fictional architectural series. Take a look.

The endless combinations that are now possible with the human mind using generators like Midjourney or Dall-E are coming to fruition in ways nobody thought possible til a few years ago. And the leaps that AI-generated tech is making can be pretty hard to keep up with. That is the mission of To keep up with the marvelous new possibilities that AI is bringing to our lives individually and as a society. Every day is another day of discovery and creation when you put the power of AI into the hands of an artist or a dreamer.