The Deloitte survey said smartphones are the “digital remote” of our virtual lives. (Source: Deloitte 2022 Connectivity & Mobile Trends Survey)

Virtual Tech Improves Daily Living in Survey, from Remote Work to Medical Care

According to a survey by Deloitte, the pandemic is having lasting effects on people’s lives—but the good news is that they report it’s beneficial.

A story on outlines how the survey shows that the technology to connect virtually has transformed the way consumers work, watch programs, and get health check-ups—and that most have upgraded their devices and moved to 5G. A total of 15% upgraded internet connections and 44% purchased “signal boosters” like Wi-Fi extenders and mesh network equipment to increase coverage throughout the house.

Deloitte’s 2022 Connectivity & Mobile Trends Survey found the average U.S. household now has a total of 22 connected devices (down from 25 in 2021). The slight drop came from having fewer smart home devices and entertainment devices. External streaming devices appear to be losing ground as smart TVs with built-in streaming come down in price. Connected exercise devices, likewise, are experiencing a drop in demand now that in-person gyms have reopened.

The report also said 92% of consumers say they’re very or somewhat satisfied with their virtual medical experiences — up 10 percentage points from 2021. They’re reporting that virtual work, school, fitness, and health care — in the right measure — are making their lives better, healthier and more fulfilling. Seven in 10 consumers who use their smartwatches and fitness trackers report the devices improve their fitness and health. At least seven in 10 of those with virtual work or school experiences under their belts would like virtual options in the future as well.

While fewer people are working at home than before, the precedent has been set and it’s seen as an option as needed.

The only downside of a heavier reliance on tech is that some are concerned about hackers of their smartphones and smart homes and other security issues, as well as tracking that can occur on devices.