This AI-created image depicts a grim end for human civilization.

AI Image Creators Answer the Question of What the ‘Last Selfie’ Would Look Like

A few products really making headlines lately are the text-to-image AI platforms. The ones that will let you create just about anything you can think of and make into an image. A cat playing guitar on a tightrope for instance. Or of a giant mouse chasing 100 cows in a circle. Nearly anything can be asked and just about anything will be turned into an image by these clever platforms.

It can be farcical or serious, in color or black and white. There are very few limits to what these AIs will do. They will even get really creepy if you ask them to.

Cue the @robotoverlords.

That’s what Maggie Harrison writes about this week for It all came to light after a video appeared on TikTok. The AI platform that created it wasn’t named, but thought to be made with Midjourney, a self-described “small self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI.”

However, @robotoverlords included references to both Midjourney and DALLE-E 2, OpenAI’s newly revamped platform, in the hashtags. The unnamed platform was asked to create the “last selfie.” What a final picture of the world might look like before a complete planetary shutdown. Weird huh? Just wait.


Besvara @domcorpo Asking an Ai your requests Part 6:Photos taken after death/in afterlife #afterlife #death #religion#ai#midjourney #dalle2

♬ It’s Just a Burning Memory – The Caretaker

The group account has a bio touting “daily disturbing AI-generated images” as its mission, and posted the chilling video. Probably with tongue in cheek, but who knows?

Oddly, though the undead figures are indeed quite ghoulish, each is set against heavenly backgrounds. One holds a handful of flowers, while all of the figures are seen in front of fluffy, sunshine-filled clouds.

“Interesting that it gave a bouquet to the first person,” wrote an inquisitive TikTokker.

Maybe angels have a different look than we all thought?