A three-eyed, fleshy blob wears Ray-Ban sunglasses (Image credit: 10 Days)

Midjourney Algorithm Leaves Much to Be Desired for Madison Avenue Ad Agency

A few months back we showed you a story about the rise of AI being used to create music and art from scratch.  There is now a top ten list of AI-created songs for 2022. AI has even been writing stories for fun and profit. Now comes a tale of what happened in London recently when they turned a new algorithm loose on the advertising world.

The new advertising project from London agency 10 Days saw the AI platform Midjourney create a series of campaigns around famous 10 famous brands, including Nespresso, KFC, Gucci, British Airways, and Ray-Ban.

Now the author of the piece, Ian Dean, said he finds the results horrifying. Not because it could replace artists, but because the art was creeping him out.

Here is what he found pretty scary:

Image Credit: 10 Days

The art was created by feeding six genre-based words into the algorithm, such as ‘sci-fi,’ ‘noir,’ and ‘cinematic,’ alongside the required brand names. It took Midjourney minutes to create 24 unique images per brand. 10 Days believes the use of AI in this way isn’t designed to replace creatives but to draft iterations on a theme that artists can then work up and embellish – and improve upon.

And while the average person may find the ads from this algorithm a bit frightening, it is important to recall that this is an algorithm acting out with just a few keywords giving it directions. While we can smirk at the mistakes found in Midjourney’s approach we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the AI art generation is rising in use and becoming more powerful.

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