Poster from 2021 Tesla AI Day. (Source: Tesla)

Tesla AI Day Pushed to September as Excitement Builds over Human-Like Prototype

If you made your plans or have already booked your flight for TeslaAI Day 2.0, then you might want to take a look at this. It has been backed up for a few weeks. And it will be live-streamed if you can’t make it to Palo Alto.

Originally intended for August 19th, 2022, Tesla announced that the date has been moved to September 30th, 2022. We found news about it at

The rumor is the Tesla AI Day delay is due to Optimus. Optimus, a human-sized robot Musk envisions will be able to perform common tasks like grocery shopping, was unveiled at the first AI Day.

Electric vehicle major Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Thursday that Tesla’s AI Day has now been pushed to Sept. 30.

“Tesla AI Day pushed to Sept 30, as we may have an Optimus prototype working by then,” he wrote on Twitter, almost two weeks after he announced the date of Aug. 19.

The humanoid robot has taken top priority for Tesla. Musk said that it could be launched next year.

“Optimus could eventually address global shortages of labor, and in the short term might be able to carry items around a factory,” Musk had said in January.

Musk also sees AI Day as a way to attract more high-tech talent to work for his companies.

So keep in mind this is very similar to what Musk had in mind at last year’s Tesla AI Day. Here is his opening monologue from the 2021 AI Day:

“Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. Thanks for coming. And sorry, had some technical difficulties, really need AI for this. So what we want to show today is that Tesla is much more than an electric car company, that we have deep AI activity in hardware, on the inference level, on the training level. And basically, I think arguably the leaders in real-world AI as it applies to the real world. And those of you who have seen the full self-driving beta AI can appreciate the rate at which the Tesla neural net is learning to drive. And this is a particular application of AI.

But I think there’s more, there are more applications down the road that will make sense. And we’ll talk about that later in the presentation. But yeah, we basically want to encourage anyone who is interested in solving real-world AI problems at either the hardware or the software level to join Tesla or will consider joining Tesla.”

Musk and friends from Palo Alto will gather this September to promote the Optimus and recruit talent simultaneously.